Kids Voting


Smart, fun, engaging programs tied to Common Core and other educational goals connect the classroom with hands-on civics and leadership experiences to help students in school (civics, history, reading, writing and more), build civic literacy and develop young people as productive citizens and effective leaders.

When students learn and understand how their governments and communities work, and the ways citizens and leaders collaborate to solve problems at the local, state and national levels, they build essential knowledge and skills necessary for success at school, in the workplace, and for life.

Why does it matter? Today’s students will one day become the leaders of our schools, communities and nation. What, and how, they learn is critical to the vitality of the Charlotte region and the economy of the 21st century.

GenerationNation is the home of the Kids Voting election, K-12 civic education, Youth Civics, Youth Voice Leadership Alliance and learning and leadership opportunities for K-12 students across the community.

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